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If you are interested in buying/viewing a painting, please drop me a line. In order to avoid a deluge of spam mail, I’m writing my email address in a less conventional manner!

jasmine dot zimmer at gmail dot com

One Comment
  1. eva pennant permalink

    Dear Jaz,
    had a look at your paintings – what can I say: whow! I really like Green Oxygen! And your seascapes and landscapes are very beautiful, atmospheric and touching. I am normally not one for abstract art as I like to know what is what, does this sound familar from me? And so I was particularly surprised to take this instantaneous liking to Green Oxygen. My normal favourite painters are Klimt and Chagall. What I have seen just now is making it very clear to me that I would like to exprexx myself creatively. You are doing it in avery beautiful way. I wish you every success with it personally, financially, and any other way you can think of.
    Before you get to be the famous Swiss painter, would you let me have a signed postcard please? Now, seriously: do you sell postcards of your paintings?
    For today much love and a lovely cuppa in the lilac room
    Eva xx
    Have the gold particles arrived yet?

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